2022 Personal Works Gallery
A selection of my personal works from 2022.

Nightingale Illustration

A piece I did for the vampire guide on my personal website.

Teresa Chibi

A chibi of my OC, Teresa.

Rue Nepenthe Chibi

My catboy, Rue rendered in chibi form.

Halloween Stripes

A flat colored drawing of Laci in ome fantastic pants.

The Brightest Stars

A random goth vampire girl that I drew, kind of inspired by early 2000s online art...

Celestial Serpent

A piece that I made for my TeePublic/Redbubble of a space-patterned boa constrictor.

Elisaveta Chibi

A chibi I did of Elisaveta in her Torrezon outfit.

Adam Digital Inks

A digital inkwork piece of Adam, trying to work out how I wanna do the illustrations for my novel.

Morgan Digital Inks

A digital inkwork piece of Morgan. Drew it for the same reason as the Adam illustration next to this.

Self Portrait Chibi

A self portrait I did for my personal website.

Self Portrait #2

Another self portrait I did for my website.

Self Portrait #3
A third self portrait for my personal site.

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