Roz Sanguinem

aka Dorian Caine

I'm Roz, a disabled, transgender visual artist and writer living in Rural Western Pennsylvania. My work is largely centered around themes of alienation, monstrosity, taboo & nonconventional intimacy, self-acceptance and self-liberation -- with a generous helping of horror, on both the personal and cosmic scale.

These themes are explored through various and oftentimes disturbing lenses, including self-harm, gore, dominance & submission, reluctance/nonconsent, bodily transformation/body horror, transgressive relationships, cannibalism, vampirism, violent crime, religious imagery, mind-control & mind alteration and general gothic horror and monster fucker tropes.

My mission as a creator is to include those whose bodies and lives exist on the fringes of what our society considers "acceptable" -- especially fat people, trans people, queer people in general, traumatized people and neurodivergent/mentally ill people -- those who don't often find themselves represented in anything but the most "wholesome" and "vanilla" works of fiction.

I strive to create weird, transgressive art that explores the darker parts of the human psyche and our stranger desires, which straddle the edges where fear and desire, disgust and attraction meet and mingle.

While I don't consider any of my work to be "safe for work" or "family friendly", I do create less erotically charged work -- character designs, graphics for prints & shirts and just general horror & gothic illustrations.


I write/draw really fucked up things. My work frequently features things like bodily transformation, cannibalism, consumption of blood, gore/violence, BDSM, "monsterfucking" and mind control/hypnosis.

When I say my work is "gothic" I don't simply mean that it has a goth aesthetic -- I mean that in the literary sense.

My work focuses on things that are often deeply uncomfortable and disturbing to a lot of people and while my characters are never completely unwilling, make no mistake that sometimes what I write/draw might be triggering to more sensitive viewers, so please pay attention to the warnings on this website!