Touch of the Infinite will be a monthly-release serial novella about transgender occultist, Ashley "Ash" Locke and his encounters with a being of unfathomable power and scale -- and his eventual fall under its sway…

Rough draft chapters will be available to Patrons and Subscribers on Patreon and SubscribeStar a month ahead of time and will be released to the public when the next rough draft is complete… Publicly viewable chapters will be available on my

A finished and fully illustrated version of this novella is intended to be made available for purchase once the story is completed!

I intend to put at least one full-color illustration per chapter in the finished version of the story. Fully completed chapters will also be made available to my patrons and subscribers free of (additional) cost, otherwise, the fully illustrated chapters will only be available via purchasing the fully completed edition.


This story will contain incredibly uncomfortable topics and themes. Touch of the Infinite will be an erotic horror with emphasis on the horror. It will deal with magical corruption and loss of self, bodily transformation, pseudo-pregnancy of a trans male character, references to fertility and birthing, cults, murder, torture and the (potential) end of the world. It's also going to have some really…weird and technically physically impossible sex scenes.

Current Chapters:

Chapter One: SubscribeStar | | Patreon | Ao3 (coming 4/23/2023)