Darkness stretches out before him, an endless void in which nothing could be seen. It's not the first time that Ash has had this dream, not the first time that he's found himself in this empty dream-scape, it had been chasing him for months now – finding him nearly every time he fell asleep, making the insomnia that he'd dealt with for most of his life even worse... Even though nothing ever happened in these dreams, every time he awoke from them, he felt a deep sense of dread and the unshakable sensation of eyes watching him from every corner, keenly fixated upon his reaction to the dream itself.

Normally, Ash couldn't feel his body in these dreams. It was simply endless darkness, the empty void... But his body is here tonight and Ash is uncomfortably aware of it. He feels the clamminess of the darkness on his skin, pressing in all around him in a way it hasn't before – there's something different about that darkness tonight. The darkness feels almost hungry for him. He still can't see anything but slick tendrils hold him tightly in place, rubbing against his bare skin, pulling his legs apart. It slides over him, wrapping around him... Slipping into him.

He cries out, a powerful mixture of fear and arousal overtaking him now, his heart hammering wildly in his chest. The darkness pushes itself into every hole that Ash's body offers: it splits his lower lips, surging forward into his suddenly eager cunt, the size of the thing that enters him bigger than anything he's ever taken there before; it forces itself past the tight ring of his asshole, rapidly filling him there as well – Ash can feel the darkness as it writhes within his guts; it takes advantage of his open mouth and invades his throat as well, causing Ash to sputter and gag on the thick taste of sulfur and charcoal...

Even parts of him that would not normally be taken in this way are violated – the darkness slips into his ears and his nose, it penetrates his urethra, it sinks into the very pores of his skin – making him truly and utterly one with it. He wants to scream, but he can't – his mouth filled with sticky black ichor, he wants to escape but he can't free his limbs from the shadow's grasp... And even if he could, where could he run to?

The void he's in is endless. He can't escape. There's nowhere to go... There's no hope. The darkness surges within him, the thick tendrils of that fill his mouth and cunt and ass thrust wildly into him, over and over again. Terror and bliss fill him in equal measure. Even the sensation of that darkness filling his ears and pushing into his head with an inexorable ebb and flow like waves breaking on the beach is pleasurable. Ash feels a tightening sensation in his belly, heat growing between his legs and spreading through his body and the darkness that fills him seems to swell – stretching his insides beyond any possible limit they might have had – and he feels dread in his chest.

No – God, no. Not here. Not like this.

But oh god, the pleasure is unbearable, the one-ness with this endless void is so beautiful and wonderful that his body cannot possibly obey the desperate, but ever weakening pleas of his mind...

The orgasm crashes over him, his back arching and a desperate scream of climax vibrates in his throat. Oh, oh god, oh fuck! Is this not what he was made for? Is this not his purpose? The darkness swells ever more, pounding his holes, filling his mind with itself, filling his body with itself. And Ash cums again and again and again until it feels like he's dissolved into the void that surrounds him, until nothing is left of his mind but the aching need for more.

And just before the dream ends, he feels a sense of approval. A sense that whatever intelligence controls this darkness, that whatever being it is attached to is pleased with this response. A voice that would shake him to his core if he even had a core any more rings out, filling his senses with its presence.

Good boy.