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04/20/2022: Release of the "Dreaming of Pink Lilies" website layout!
Working on a new layout for the website inspired by the layouts of the art websites I loved as a preteen in the early 2000s

+ Printre Crini Roz +
translation: among the pink lilies (at least, according to google translate lol)

A piece of my current favorite OC, Florian Lazarescu. Florian is a dhampir (or a thinblood if I'm playing him in Vampire the Masquerade) who was born in Romania and came to the US as a teenager. His favorite flower is the stargazer lily (though these are just standard lilies) which is why i drew him surrounded by lilies.

This was originally just going to be a sketch but it got out of control lol. And yeah, he has occulotaneous albinism...