Art is Our Only Salvation from the Horror of Existence

Roz | 30 | he/him | digital artist | Eastern United States

My name is Roz, I'm a digital artist from rural Pennsylvania. I specialize in fat positive and queer positive work with horror and fantasy themes -- most of my work focuses on pin-ups over full illustration. I also enjoy character design and I've been known to do the ocassional graphic design work.

My primary inspirations as an artist are Naoko Takeuchi, Takato Yamamoto, Ayami Kojima, Alfons Mucha, Delphin Enjolras, the art of Vampire: The Masquerade (pre-V5), grafitti and street art, the goth scene of the 90s and early 2000s, Chiara Bautista, retro futurism & cyberpunk and just general goth subculture. I'm also currently really into Yana Toboso, Kaori Yuki, Matsuri Hino and CLAMP.

Some of my art may be disturbing or upsetting to sensitive viewers. I ocassionally draw vent art that focuses on depression, PTSD and abuse. I also create horror art that includes but isn't limited to body horror, cosmic horror and gore.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Take Requests? - No, not from strangers. If you're a close friend, I might consider it.
What About Art Trades? - Only with friends.
Do you Do Commissions? - Yes. You can read about my commissions info [here]
Can I edit your art/use it as my icon/header/in a layout? - Unless you've commissioned it, no.
Do You Do Collabs? - Only with close friends, sorry.
Do You do NSFW Commissions? - I do, but I'm trying to keep my NSFW work and SFW work separate. You can email me for my NSFW accs, if you really want them.
Can I Repost Your Artwork? - Please don't.
Can I Draw Fanart of Your Characters? - Hell yes!

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