Commissions are Currently Open (as of 6/18/2022)

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Character Reference Sheets:

Style One
Sketch: starting @ 80$
Cel-Shade (Pictured): starting @ 100$
Full Render: starting @ 120$

Style Two
Sketch: starting @ 115$
Cel-Shade: starting @ 150$
Full Render (pictured): starting @ 180$

Additional Options:

Sketch Comics
Priced per panel, heavily subject to negotiation. Starting @ 25$/panel.

Character Sketch Pages
Includes at least 4 full color sketches of the character, starting @ 100$

Monochrome Sketches
starting @ 10$
Waist Up: starting @ 20$
Full Body: starting @ 30$
Full Body + BG: starting @ 45$
Chibi/SD: starting @ 15$

Icon Packs
priced per icon, minimum of 4.
Sketch: starting @ 5$/per icon
Cel Shaded: starting @ 10$ per icon
Full Render: starting @ 20$ per icon

  • All prices listed are in USD, for 1-2 characters and are subject to negotiation based upon commission complexity, subject matter and number of characters.

  • I retain all reproductions rights to the finished commission. I also reserve the right to use the finished piece in future commission adverts*

  • Finished pieces may be posted to my social media accounts or portfolio website*

  • You may edit your commission + use it in any way you want (tumblr profiles, profile pics on social media etc.,) unless it contradicts one of my other terms, provided proper credit is given.

  • I take payment up front and in full -- though I am willing to work out a payment plan if the cost of the commission is more than 100$

  • Full-refunds only available before the final sketch is completed. After that, only partial refunds will be available.

  • My art may not be used in any project relating to NFTs or cryptocurrenncy of any kind. Doing so will result in being blacklisted.

*unless otherwise is specifically requested by the commissioner.

Will Draw the Following:
Body horror and PG-13 gore, humanoid monsters, artistic nudity, LGBTQ+ positivity, furry characters, simple robot characters.

Will Not Draw The Following:
adult/child ships, >18 characters in suggestive poses or situations, complicated mecha/robot characters, extreme gore (gut spill or any eye trauma), any openly bigoted content or content containing hate symbols.

Email me at with the basic description of what you want (+ fill out the form below). Once I get it, I'll try to respond ASAP and work out what is/isn't doable. Once negotiations have finished, we'll work out the payment method and once I've recieved payment, I'll start on the commission.

I generally do 1-3 concept sketches which I will email to you and you can give me input/pick which sketch you'd like me to complete. As I work, I will send periodic updates (usually as I get to the next stage of work -- rough, sketch, line art, flats, etc.,) and then the final product!

Commission Type: (full-body, chibi, character reference sheet etc.,)
Completion Level: (sketch, cel-shade, full-render, +BG)
Description of Commission: (if you can include a stick figure thumbnail sketch or whatever of what you want that's also 100% acceptable)
Reference Materials: (you can send me images or links or if it's an OC, describe the character)
PayPal Email: (if you don't have one, we can do this via my

I am physically disabled as well as dealing with a number of mental illnesses along with ADHD. It may take me awhile to get your commission done – please don’t hesitate to send me a reminder if it’s been over a month. If you need it done by a certain time, PLEASE LET ME KNOW IN ADVANCE SO I CAN MOVE YOU TO THE TOP OF THE QUEUE!

Thank you!

By commissioning me, you agree to all of the terms mentioned in the terms and conditions above!