Commissions are currently: CLOSED (1/20/2022)


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Character Reference Sheets

Style One:
Sketch: starting @ 80$
Cel-Shaded (Pictured): starting @ 100$
Full Render: starting @ 120$

Style 2
Sketch: starting @ 100$
Cel-shaded: starting @ 150$
Full-Render (pictured): starting @ 180$

Sketch Comics:
Priced per panel, heavily subject to negotiation! Starting at 25$/panel.

Sketch Pages:
Contains at least 4 full color sketches of the character. Starting at 100$

Monochrome Sketches:
Headshot: starting @ 10$
Waist Up: starting @ 20$
Full Body: starting @ 30$
Full Body + BG: starting @ 45$

Icon Packs:
Priced per icon, minimum 4 icons.
Sketch: starting @ 5$ per icon
Cel-Shaded: starting @ 10$ per icon
Full-Render: starting at 20$ per icon

  • All prices listed are in USD, for 1-2 characters and are subject to negotiation depending on the complexity of the commission and the subject matter*

  • I retain all reproduction rights to the finished piece and retain the right to use the completed commission in future commissions adverts.

  • Finished commissions will be posted to my social media pages and possibly my portfolio unless otherwise is explicitly requested by the commissioner.

  • You may edit your commission/use your commission as an icon/in moodboards/in tumblr layouts, etc., but proper credit is required.

  • I take payment up front and in full -- if you cannot make the payment in full and the commission requested is more than 100$, I am willing to split the payment (half up front, half upon completion)

  • If you want a full refund for your commission you MUST request before I move from the base/concept sketch. After that, I will only refund half of what has been paid.

  • My art may not be used in any project making use of the blockchain or NFTs. Doing so will result in being blacklisted.

  • *NSFW/Kink related art may incur an extra fee.

Will Draw:
PG 13 Gore, Body Horror, humanoid monsters, artistic nudity, portraits, ship art, furry/anthro art, simple robot characters, PG-13 violence, horror art in general, LGBTQ+ positivity, fan art, TTRPG character portraits

Will Not Draw:
child x adult ship art, any NSFW or kink art containing a character <18, hate symbols or any other bigoted content, complicated mecha or robot characters, feeder fetish/fat fetish content, extreme gore (gut spill), necrophilia, amputation fetish art, non-con fetish art, parent/child incest (even if both characters are over 18), snuff art

Subject to Negotiation:
NSFW/Kink/Fetish Content, "SFW" kink content

Email me at with the form below filled out. Once that's been received, I will try to respond ASAP with any changes I need to make/any additional reference I might need for the piece and then an invoice via PayPal to the email you included. Once payment has been recieved, I will send you the base sketch for approval. After that, I will send you periodic updates on the progress (and also let you give input on any changes needed) and the final product once it has been completed.

Commission Type: (full-body, chibi, character reference sheet etc.,)
Completion Level: (sketch, cel-shade, full-render, +BG)
Description of Commission: (if you can include a stick figure thumbnail sketch or whatever of what you want that's also 100% acceptable)
Reference Materials: (you can send me images or links or if it's an OC, describe the character)
PayPal Email: (if you don't have one, we can do this via my Ko-Fi)

I am physically disabled as well as dealing with a number of mental illnesses along with ADHD. It may take me awhile to get your commission done – please don’t hesitate to send me a reminder if it’s been over a month. If you need it done by a certain time, PLEASE LET ME KNOW IN ADVANCE SO I CAN MOVE YOU TO THE TOP OF THE QUEUE!

Thank you!

By commissioning me, you agree to all of the terms mentioned in the terms and conditions above!