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A Photo For My Darling
A drawing of Morgan that was inspired by a Victorian era photograph. This was made for her roleplaying blog where she was a vampire turned in the 1890s.

The Light of Dusk
A drawing of my fanwalker, Elisaveta Falkenrath.

The Raising of the Dead Gods
A digital painting I did of my OC, Ella with her god, the Myriad Eyes. Or at least with one of its many manifestations.

Golden Glow of the Lantern Forest

A piece I did in 2019 while gaming.

Golden Ichor
A drawing of Mina/Estariel from my discontinued webcomic, Serviam.

The Magical Taste of Summer
A drawing I did in 2019 of a chubby witch enjoying a magical drink.

Serviam: Fallen

More art of Mina from my webcomic, Serviam.

Smoke Skulls

A redraw of a piece I did of Ella in 2015.

Throne of the Urban Oracle

A piece that I did of my OC, Laci in 2020.

Not Even The Rats Know...

...what sleeps under Santa Marta
An animation of Laci that I made of her using her clairvoyant/psychic abilities. Having been born in Santa Marta, Laci is innately connected to the web of strangeness that spreads throughout the city.

The Golden Thread

Design for the cover of my novel that I didn't end up going with.

Printre Crini Roz

A piece featuring my OC, Florian in his modern incarnation

Halo of Barbs

( 2021)
A piece featuring an older OC of mine, Ryan who is a cambion struggling with his internal idea of morals. I've always loved to draw him beat up for some reason...

Hot Springs Vacation

Morgan and her girlfriend, Lia, hanging out in some magical hotsprings somewhere in the wilds of faerie.

Coffin Self-Portait

A self portrait I drew for the original layout of this website.

Classical Beauty: Pink Roses

Part of a series that I drew influenced/inspired by classical art. I wanted to depict some varied bodies in these pieces.

Classical Beauty: Blue Hydrangea

Part of the classical beauty series. I wanted to depict varied bodies in drawings inspired by classical art.

Classical Beauty: Pink Lillies

The last of the classical beauty series, a series of drawing I did depicting varied bodies in pieces inspired by classical art.

It Gets Worse...

A drawing I did of Florian based around the VtM V5 game my gaming group is running.


A piece I did inspired by LavenderTowne's diseases video -- though I went far more historical. Sketched this waiting for a doctor's appointment which is kind of funny.

Hunting the Hunters

A drawing I did of Morgan and her husband, Cain who is a big scary werewolf lol.

Red Curtains

A classical art inspired nude I drew of Morgan.

Fluttering Red Wings

A self portrait I did, based around the Slavic folklore about vampires being able to appear as butterflies or moths. The moths in this are red cinnabar moths.

Elisaveta Design Pin-Up

Finalized desi
gn for Lissa's outfit.

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