A selection of my favorite works -- personal or commissioned -- that I've done. These aren't arranged in any particular order!


+Printre Crini Roz+
Inspired by the kind of anime/manga artbook illustrations that I was obsessed with as a teenager. This is the modern/urban fantasy incarnation of my character Florian.

Inspired by LavenderTowne's diseases video, but I went for a more historically-inspired design, based around the 1840s, as well as calling out the shape of the bacteria itself in the fringes. The irony of drawing this not only during a respiratory disease pandemic but also while waiting in the doctor's office is not lost on me.

Not Even the Rats Know...
...What lurks beneath the streets of Santa Marta...
A drawing of my psychic vampire, Laci. Born and raised in the (fictional) city of Santa Marta, Laci is uniquely attached to the web of weirdness that stretches over the city -- something she wishes nightly wasn't the case...

Golden Ichor
A drawing of Mina Strahlend, the protagonist of my discontinued webcomic, Serviam, in a more human-looking version of her original, angelic form as "Estariel".

My Release in Pain
A piece that I did of Morgan and Finn/Gwynn, the protagonist and love interest of my current project -- Nocturnal Creatures. Connected over endless lifetimes, fate seems determined to bring them together only to tear them apart again...

A Photo for my Darling
A "photo" of Victorian-era Morgan, inspired by an actual photograph from the same time period (and in the same pose). Drawn for a roleplaying blog I was running where Morgan was a vampire who was Changed in the 1890s.

Throne of the Urban Oracle
Another Laci piece. I really, really enjoy drawing her because her sense of style is just so fun.

Coffin Self Portrait
A self-portrait that I drew for an earlier layout of this website.

Mirror Lie To Me
What happens when the person you see in the mirror is the person who hurt you the most instead of yourself? A picture of Killian and Caoimhe, a pair of twins with an incredibly toxic past relationship

Christmas Commission for Caelharx
Something a friend commissioned from me for Christmas of them and one of their partners. I actually really enjoy doing furry art but I rarely get the chance to do so. This is probably one of my favorite pieces I've done.

Fluttering Red Wings
A self portrait I did based around vampires in Slavic myth having the ability to turn into butterflies... Though, I chose the cinnabar moth instead of a butterfly because I like moths more.

Serviam: Falling
Another drawing of the protagonist of my discontinued webcomic. Sometimes, I think about starting to work on it again, but I'm not sure if I can.

Golden Glow of the Lantern Forest
A piece I did featuring a cute moth girl and glowing lanterns.

The Light of Dusk
A character I made based around the plane of Innistrad in Magic: The Gathering, Elisaveta Falkenrath -- a planeswalker who escaped the plane during the Emrakul debacle.

The Golden Thread
A piece I had intended to be the cover for Nocturnal Creatures when I was writing it as a novel.

Red Curtains
some rather old art of Morgan that was loosely inspired by classical paintings...

The Raising of the Dead Gods
The painting that had me finally realize exactly what Ella has been working for all her life... There are times when I really want to redo this piece...

A Halo of Barbs
A piece featuring an old character of mine, Ryan. Inspired by the sort of art I made as a teenager and wanted to resurrect.

Finalized Elisaveta Design
A finalized version of Elisaveta's 'generic' outfit. Some of my favorite design work!

Fate: Mistrum of the Grand Tapestry
An attempt to design the representation/incarnation of the force of "fate"/"destiny" in my urban fantasy setting. Fate, Mistrum of the Grand Tapestry, Architect of the Multiverse and the Great Weaver. Loosely based around a spider + how I tend to draw my faerie nobility (who are innately connected to them)

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