30s • Rural Appalachia • Erotic Horror, Urban Fantasy, Gothic Fantasy and Horror Writer • Horror, Erotica & Character Artist/Illustrator • Sometimes Fiber Artist • Vampire Enthusiast

I'm Roz (pen name: Dorian Caine), I'm a queer, disabled trans guy living in rural Appalachia. This is my little social media landing page -- where you can find my links and other stuff like that. Things which are exclusively 18+ will be marked as such but in general, assume that there will be some "not safe for work" (or advertisers) content on any of my creative pages or social media links...

My work has a variety of themes but as a general rule, I focus on alienation, monstrosity, taboo, non-conventional intimacy and self-acceptance -- with a large helping of horror on both the cosmic and personal scale (with a little bit of interpersonal and societal horror as well).

These themes are frequently explored through intense and at times disturbing lenses such as dominance and submission, bondage and masochism, nonconsent/reluctance, body horror/body transformation, cannibalism, gore/guro, violence, organized crime, vampirism and transgressive/taboo relationships -- along with just general monster fuckery and the ocassional bits of religious imagery...

My "mission" as an artist/writer is striving to include those whose bodies and lives exist on the fringes of what's deemed "acceptable" within our society -- especially fat people, trans people, queer people, trauma victims, and neurodivergent people -- who often don't find themselves represented in anything but the most "vanilla" works of fiction. I want to create weird, transgressive art that explores the darker parts of the human psyche and our...stranger desires.

Current Projects:

Nocturnal Creatures -- whether that's cycles of toxic behavior or the cycle of life, death and rebirth that the main characters have found themselves trapped in. It takes place in a fictional NoCal city called "Santa Marta", set in the year 2016. Updates are posted whenever I get them done, so it's kind of sporadic. I don't have any planned release schedule for this particular project.

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Touch of the Infinite is an erotic horror serial novella about a transgender occultist named Ashley Locke and his experiences with a being of infinite scale and power, his attempts to defy this creature and his destiny and his eventual failure to do so. Touch of the Infinite is set in the year 1998 and takes place in a fictional town in West Virginia called Shady Glen. This serial focuses heavily on the horror element and features a lot of bodily alteration and "mindbreak". Supporters on Patreon and SubscribeStar get advanced access to the unedited first draft about a month before the public release. The revised chapters are intended to be fully illustrated and will be available only to supporters or for purchase once the story is finished.

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