Welcome to the sketch gallery -- here is a collection of my favorite sketches & concepts! These are arranged in alphabetical order by filename, rather than chronological or by title -- though I've included the date for any image that I can remember the date of!

A Bad Influence

A drawing of my OC Laci with my OC Alex, out clubbing. The two of them are both goth and both vampire, so they get along pretty well lol.

Laci Lydia Brighton-Lee

A portrait sketch I did of Laci to use as an avatar on her roleplaying blog back during my days of running like 20 World of Darkness OC roleplaying blogs.

Close your Eyes

I think I drew this for a WoD game I was running where Laci was a major NPC and went missing and the players had to find her and help her.

Star Hair Clips

A pic of my OC Laurent with his hair pinned back, as requested by my partner.


The first sketch I ever did of my OC, Amaryllis, a Toreador Antitribu from Chicago.

The Touch of Emrakul

My fanwalker, Elisaveta Falkenrath's spark ignited when she was nearly subsumed by Emrakul along with her broodmates and their prey.

Lissa Portrait

A digital sketch of Elisaveta.

Rider (Little Red)

A design sketch for a character I'm playing in a Fate game run by a friend of mine inspired by the Fate series by TYPE-MOON

Louis DeFantome

An early character sketch of my OC, Louis.

Louis's Ghost

A design sketch for the ghost that haunts my OC Louis after an unfortunate incident with a oujia board at 12.


Part of a series of designs for demons ruled by each of the Seven Deadly Sins for my (now discontinued) webcomic, Serviam.

Shadows & Steam

My La Sombra OC, Maria, hanging out somewhere she shouldn't be with a cup of coffee that she can't drink.

Fresh Materials

A sketch of my Tremere girl, Marlissa being particularly grumpy and reclusive.

Red String of Fate

A drawing I did of Louis based on a scene from a rather uncomfortable AU where he "opened up" to his soul mate.

Lady Merriweather of the Summer Court

A design sketch for Morgan's faerie grandmother, Merriweather, a handmaiden of Titania.

The Masquerade Doesn't Apply Past 11 PM in a Walmart

VtM Morgan and Art ignoring the existence of the Masquerage because no one questions the weird people in Walmart at 1 am.

Smile for the Camera

A drawing of Morgan I did taking a mirror selfie.

Morgan Limited Palette Sketch

A pic of Morgan I drew in one of my sketch journals in 2017. Back when she was skinny, lol.

Beneath the Waters

A sketch I drew of Morgan chilling in a bathtub with some candles.

Outfit Prompt Morgan

A drawing I did of Morgan as part of a series of prompts on tumblr. This was for "fancy dress/formal" or "black tie event" I think.

Lady Gaga Laptop Meme Redraw

From Morgan's roleplaying blog days on tumblr. I redrew a lot of memes with her, lol.

Dame Morhosyn Tymestl of the Summer Court

A sketch of Morgan's first lifetime as the Sidhe knight, Morhosyn Tymestl.

Green Body Suit Sketch

A drawing of Morgan in a green lingerie body suit I designed for her.

Lord Nikolai Kroviyov
A drawing I did of Florian's father for my group's PF2e game.

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