If somehow you've read through all of the above and haven't figured out whether or not the works featured on this patreon are "for you", here's a disclaimer: I write/draw really fucked up things. My work frequently features things like nonconsent/reluctance, bodily transformation, cannibalism, consumption of blood, gore/violence, BDSM, "monsterfucking" and mind control/hypnosis.

When I say my work is "gothic" I don't simply mean that it has a goth aesthetic -- I mean that in the literary sense.

My work focuses on things that are often deeply uncomfortable and disturbing to a lot of people and while I almost always focus on characters enjoying the horrible things happening to them, make no mistake that sometimes what I write/draw might be triggering to more sensitive viewers. Please do not follow or pledge to my patreon if you're not comfortable with seeing really messed up things.