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I'm Roz, I'm a queer transgender creator from Rural Pennsylvania. I create gothic horror, erotic horror and gothic-themed art as well as writing erotic & gothic horror :3

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Touch of the Infinite
Touch of the Infinite will be a serial novella about transgender occultist, Ashley "Ash" Locke and his encounters with a being of unfathomable power and scale -- and his eventual fall under its sway...

Chapters Released for Patreons & Subscribers in advance before rough drafts are released for free on and Ao3

This story *will* contain incredibly uncomfortable topics and themes. Touch of the Infinite will be an erotic *horror* with emphasis on the *horror*. It will deal with magical corruption and loss of self, bodily transformation, pseudo-pregnancy of a trans male character, references to fertility and birthing, cults, murder, torture and the (potential) end of the world. It's also going to have some really...weird and technically physically impossible sex scenes.

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Florian Lazarescu has never been good at understanding boundaries or at accepting the word "no". After six months of teasing a fully-blooded vampire named Adam Freemont, Florian discovers that his actions have consequences and that vampires have fangs for a reason.

Enthralled is a short story starring a trans male lead and a cis male "love" interest, written by Dorian Caine and released originally on his patreon and subscribestar. This edition features 6 exclusive illustrations!

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The Dinner Party
Morgan Kendrick is desperate to rid herself of all ties to her emotionally abusive ex boyfriend – so desperate, in fact, that she’s willing to risk venturing deep into the woods to perform a banishing ritual in the middle of a moonless night…

When her ritual goes awry and she is accosted by a beautiful faerie man, Morgan winds up the unwilling guest of honor – and main course – at a dinner party in the Land Beyond the Mists…

The Dinner Party is a three part erotic horror novella by author Dorian Caine. Originally published for free on Archive of Our Own and my personal website, the e-book edition is just over 20,000 words long and contains multiple original illustrations that are exclusive to the e-book edition!

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The Hunt - Chapter One of the Dinner Party
The Hunt is the first part of a three part erotic horror story called The Dinner Party. Originally published for free on Archive of Our Own, this copy of The Hunt is fully re-written and includes 9 exclusive illustrations!

Originally released as a teaser for The Dinner Party but I haven't taken it down, just in case anyone else wants to check out the first chapter without plopping down 10$ on the full version.

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Louis DeFantome - The Hanged Man

A piece I did vaguely inspired by aerial silk dance and the Hanged Man Tarot card... First time getting satisfactory patent leather in a drawing, too ^^ I can't resist drawing Louis all beat up, either, lol.

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