Pre-2020 Art Gallery

A selection of finished works from prior to 2020. Most of these aren't from before 2018 because I can't really stand to look at stuff from >2018 lmao. Not arranged in any particular order.

The Arcanist's Mistake

A digital redraw of a watercolor piece I did in 2015, featuring a witch who opened a tome she really shouldn't have....

The Raising of the Dead Gods

The painting that had me finally realize exactly what Ella has been working for all her life... There are times when I really want to redo this piece...

The Light of Dusk

A character I made based around the plane of Innistrad in Magic: The Gathering, Elisaveta Falkenrath -- a planeswalker who escaped the plane during the Emrakul debacle.

Golden Glow of the Lantern Forest

A piece I did featuring a cute moth girl and glowing lanterns.

Golden Ichor

A drawing of Mina Strahlend, the protagonist of my discontinued webcomic, Serviam, in a more human-looking version of her original, angelic form as "Estariel".

A Drink of Magic

A drawing I did for summer 2019 of a witch drinking a rather magical looking cocktail.

Red Curtains

some rather old art of Morgan, back when she was still a little bit skinny, that was loosely inspired by classical paintings...


Another drawing of the protagonist of my discontinued webcomic. Sometimes, I think about starting to work on it again, but I'm not sure if I can.

Ready For Summer

A chibi vampire that I drew for summer 2018

She'd Lose Her Head

A chibi zombie I drew for summer 2018. Comedy gore more than anything too dark/serious.

Anna Reaper - Marker Sketch

A redesign of a character I came up with in middle school who was supposed to be the adopted daughter of the grim reaper.

The Lady Camille Von Schwartz

A design for the host of a party that was going to be the setting for an online WoD chronicle set in the 1870s.

Fate Stay FATE: Rider Class Servant 'Little Red'

Created for a TTRPG game that a friend ran where we were playing Heroic Servants in a Nasuverse setting. I played Little Red Riding Hood lol.

Camellia O'Friel - Birthday Gift Art

A birthday gift for my partner of their character, Lia.

Camellia O'Friel - Xmas Gift Art

A christmas gift for my partner of their character, Lia.

Maria Arania - Sinner

Some art of my La Sombra gal, Maria.

Morgan Kendrick - Beneath City Lights

Something I really want to redraw sometime in the future... Just a piece I drew of Morgan looking a little bit emo but I really like the mood/lighting...

Ella DuChamps - Smoke Skulls

A redraw of a piece I did in 2015... Ella, back when she was still alive and normal colored.

Teresa Saito - Sunglasses At Night

A portrait I did of my character Teresa wearing sunglasses at night because why not? Art doesn't have to be practical :p

Teresa Chibi Doodle

A chibi doodle of Teresa from 2018 that I did for summer, I think?



Morgan Kendrick - That Girl Is a God Damn Problem

Probably the first drawing of Morgan in her modern incarnation -- which is as a impulsive party girl with a lot of trauma and baggage ...
Textless Version

There's Nothing In The Dark

Art of one of the protagonists of an earlier novel project of mine, Lysander. Warning for injuries.



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